Nearly Impossible Quiz

  1. How do you say "how is the weather?" in Mandarin Chinese?
  2. What type of rock is granite?
    a) sedimentary
    b) igneous
    c) metamorphic
  3. How many emperors ruled during the Holy Roman Empire?
    a) 147
    b) 112
    c) 128
  4. What is the atmosphere made of on Venus?
    a) carbon dioxide
    b) methane
    c) hydrogen
  5. What type of organism is the common cold?
    a) bacteria
    b) virus
    c) fungus
  6. How many wives did King Solomon have?
    a) 700
    b) 2
    c) 500
  7. What does the numerator and denominator of blood pressure mean?
    a) force, surface area
    b) velocity, age
    c) force, bpm
  8. Pick the animal below that is an invertabrate
    a) porcupine
    b) lemur
    c) crab
  9. What actor played J.R. Ewing in the 1970's Dallas sitcom?
    a) John Beck
    b) Larry Hagman
    c) Joshua Harris
  10. How many N64 games were officially released for the system?
    a) 411
    b) 502
    c) 387
  11. How many pairs of chromosomes does a nomal human have?
    a) 23
    b) 46
    c) 24
  12. What unit is used to measure heat?
    a) Newton
    b) Joules
    c) Kelvin
  13. What Greek letter is used to represent unknown angles in math?
    a) δ, delta
    b) θ, theta
    c) Σ, sigma
  14. Which verb tense is the following: he has won?
    a) present perfect indicative
    b) imperfect
    c) subjunctive
  15. Apple is to red as gold is to _________.
    a) blue
    b) copper
    c) yellow
  16. What is the third level in Maslow's hierarchy of needs?
    a) love/belonging
    b) safety
    c) self-esteem
  17. Define the following Islamic term: jinn.
    a) Idolatry or polytheism
    b) Mental belief in and verbal assent to the existence of Allah.
    c) Spiritual beings of whom humans have little knowledge.
  18. Which efficiency class does selection sort run in?
    a) logarithmic
    b) linear
    c) quadratic
  19. Who is the protaganist in the second half of Brave New World?
    a) Mustapha Mond
    b) John
    c) Bernard Marx
  20. 123.456789. Which number is in the millionth place?
    a) 9
    b) 6
    c) 7